Hinterland Water Supplies Safety Policy Statement

Management has the safety and wellbeing of persons under its control as a primary responsibility.

This responsibility will be exercised by the insistence of safe working practices and habits and in the maintenance of plant and equipment used and owned by Hinterland Water Supplies.

This responsibility further extends to others at the workplace and members of the public.

Management recognises its obligations to provide a safe working environment and adequate training for all our personnel to be able to carry out their duties in a safe and tradesman like manner. In doing so, Hinterland Water Supplies acknowledges the obligations placed on it and its employees by the Work Health and Safety Legislation, and the Electrical Safety Legislation. It is the responsibility of management to ensure that all employees are fully conversant with their obligations under this Legislation.

As part of these obligations, Hinterland Water Supplies management will take all practical options to safeguard employees from illness and accidents which may occur during the course of their employment.

Employees are required to observe Hinterland Water Supplies code of conduct rules at all times as well as all applicable safety rules during the course of their employment and to use any plant & equipment provided in a safe manner and in compliance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

It is further acknowledged that all personnel, including management, have obligations to comply with the relevant Acts and Regulations concerning workplace practices and conditions.


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