Hinterland Water Supplies Quality Assurance Statement

Hinterland Water Supplies conducts a business in water tankers, water cartage and transportation of potable water.

Our prime objective is customer satisfaction so that all our clients can be assured of safe, efficient completion of work where value for money is received. As a part of this objective we aim at maintaining our client’s full confidence is us as a provider of disciplined and ethical services across family, business & industry sectors. In satisfying our commitment to our clients we will:

1. Emphasise a co-operative approach and effective teamwork in all dealings with our clients, employees and suppliers.

2. Ensure that our actions, practices and products and services conform to our agreed client requirements and statutory regulations.

3. Plan, manage and document our work activities in compliance with our management systems as well as client requirements and statutory regulations.

4. Ensure that our work practices demonstrate our commitment to health & safety and to the environment and sustainable development.


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